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Remote Server Monitoring

The DeeDoc TruWatch™ Remote Server Monitoring service watches over key parts of the server that can cause the most problems, and alerts you to any issues so you can fix them fast, before they become big problems causing costly downtime.

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Policy Compliance Assessment

Deedoc Managed Security Services’ Policy Compliance Assessment provides organizations with information to proactively measure the comprehensive best practices across the enterprise.  The automated component of the service will help the organization’s compliance and security officers better understand IT policies, gauge the organization’s level of compliance, and implement industry-mandated compliance initiatives.  DMSS utilizes a comprehensive series of system security tests and monitoring tools that measures, reports, and assesses various aspects of security as mandated by the likes of ISO-27001 and PCI.

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Penetration Testing

The main objective of penetration testing is to give an organization a clear view of how its systems are vulnerable to potential attacks. DeeDoc Consulting offers several types of penetration testing that include internal, white box, black box, and red box pentesting

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Vulnerability Assessment

There are many internal and external computer vulnerabilities that expose an organization to remote attacks, denial of service attacks, information theft and more. Most of the premise is that open application vulnerabilities are overlooked by programmers from Microsoft, Adobe, application developers for private banking, and even Linux developers, etc …

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Managed Intrusion Detection Service (MIDS)

Financial institutions, especially banks, are prime suspects to hacker attacks and cybercrimes.  cybercrime refers to any criminal acts involving a computer and a network.  Some examples of targeted cybercrimes include corporate website defacements, denial of service (DoS) attacks, phishing, customer identity theft, and so forth.

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Managed Firewall 

Firewalls provide an enterprise with perimeter security.  In retrospect, a firewall provides a target-centered shield against a concentrated external attack.  Firewalls should never be treated as a quick or temporary security solution.

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Managed Anti-DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are daily threats to enterprises today. From crippling latency, to disturbance of operations, to complete denial of service, the impact of DDoS on business cannot be ignored.  DDoS attacks can lead to tremendous loss of revenue, customers, goodwill, and unsalvageable loss of reputation.

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