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Vulnerability Assessment | Deedoc Consulting
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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is the practice of testing a computer system, network, or web application to find weaknesses that an attacker could potentially exploit. Assessment results include ways in which new security devices and policy audits affect your exposure and harden your network. Worried about patches for one vulnerability creating another? We also do remote follow-ups to make sure that there are no unexpected surprises from the latest round of software updates. Regular vulnerability assessments are also a mandatory component of many industry and government regulations. With Deedoc Consulting’s regularly scheduled scans and reviews, you can rest assured that your data has the highest level of protection available.

Deedoc will work with you to find the vulnerabilities in your system while maintaining a quality of service on your network. We work around mission critical services so that you don’t have to slow down. We will discover the vulnerabilities in your system and make recommendations for patching them. During our vulnerability assessment, we also monitor and analyze the security response we encounter. Are your policies working for you? Will your IT department be able to identify and respond to a legitimate attack? The answers to these questions will help you best tailor your policies to your business needs

Vulnerability Assessment Services

We offer several services to fit your needs, including internal, external, and targeted assessments. We also offer these services on a schedule or as a one time analysis.

External  assessments focuses on how an external agent can exploit perimeter services or devices to penetrate or commit Denial of Service. Results from this assessment highlight vulnerabilities on internet facing machines and how those machines can be compromised to launch attacks against internal targets or as a platform for other illegal activity.

Risk of Compromise:
  • Deface the public web site causing a loss of customer and partner confidence.
  • Deny network services to legitimate internal and external users.
  • Act as staging area for attacks on other systems resulting on loss of confidence and possible legal action.
  • Surreptitiously monitor all communication leaving the network such as VoIP and email.


Internal assessments focus on how an agent with internal access, by external penetration or physical access, can exploit and compromise mission critical systems and services. Such internal agents may be malware infected machines, malicious employees, or unauthorized communications devices such as rogue access points and hanging modems. Internal assessments highlight vulnerabilities in mission critical systems and systems that contain strategic  business information. Also shows how compromised systems can be used to attack partners.

 Risk of Compromise:

  • Theft of confidential internal documents or intellectual property.
  • Theft of customer information such as credit cards and account information.
  • Corruption of vital business data.
  • Denial of mission critical internal systems and services.
  • Total compromise of enterprise IT assets and data.



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