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Managed Services | Deedoc Consulting
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Managed Services

With our managed services we take the burden of installing, configuring, and updating security devices from your organization so you can focus on your core business objectives.  Having a secure network requires specialized knowledge — knowledge that comes with full-time security management and in-depth technical training. Let our security engineers support your network and systems with Managed Firewall Solutions and Intrusion Detection Solutions so your team can focus on core technology deliverables. We provide uncompromised service at competitive rates.

Managed Firewall – With DeeDoc Consulting, now you have security experts on your side — 24/7. Our cost-effective, professionally-managed firewall solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that your network and your data are safe and secure.

Your budget is shrinking. Your IT staff is juggling too many projects. You need support staying on top of the latest security updates and patches. Our Managed Firewall Solutions can help you ease the strain. Let the DeeDoc’s team of experienced security engineers install, configure, manage, and monitor industry-leading hardware firewalls for you so you can focus on your high-priority development projects.

With our professionally-managed network defense, you can:

  • Benefit from dedicated firewall equipment, regular security updates and patch upgrades
  • Effortlessly protect your mission-critical applications and data
  • Receive a professionally-developed security policy customized to your business specifications

Managed Intrusion Detection – You may not realize it, but your network is under constant attack. As ominous as it sounds, you can take the offensive against hackers and intruders with the right team of IT professionals trained specifically to detect signs of trouble. The IT experts you need are those that at the foundation of DeeDoc’s Managed Intrusion Detection Solutions.

If you had the staff and experience to monitor your network around the clock for intruders, you would do it. You know it’s critical to securing your data. But, if you’re like most growing businesses, in-house monitoring is not feasible. That’s why at DeeDoc Consulting we offer a complete turnkey security solution. We can deploy the tools and people capable of monitoring your network or your servers to detect signs of unusual activity and potential attacks

We offer both external and internal monitoring services. With our external monitoring service we can see what comes up against the firewall and adjust policies before a potential attack even has the chance to penetrate your first line of defense. Internal monitoring allows us to monitor for any unusual traffic that may get through the perimeter as well as any unusual traffic that may originate internally.

Network Monitoring – With our network monitoring solutions we can monitor the health of your network as well as the health of the devices on your network. We will identify problem areas before they develop into a critical issue. We also track changes in network utilization and congestion, allowing you to back up your purchasing decisions with hard data. Along with our daily reports we offer a web portal service and custom alerts so you will always know have access to operational and critical information.


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