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Total Security Architecture

The DMSS Total Security Architecture is unique because of the breadth of features implemented. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end architecture that addresses every layer from the application down to the physical wire. DMSS TSA components include:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Investigations and Forensics
  • Privacy/Confidentiality/Integrity
  • Access Control
  • Auditing/Logging/Alerting
  • Operating System Hardening
  • Application and Database Security Implementation
  • Physical Security
  • Customized Security policy
  • Internal & External Security Assessments
  • Network Management
  • Separation of Responsibility
  • Strong Authentication

Each core TSA component spans all DMSS product offerings regardless of the underlying product or location (public vs. private side). TSA components may or may not be required based on a particular product definition or customer requirement.

Proven Market-Leading Technology

All technologies implemented to support the DMSS TSA are proven market leaders tested and validated in the industry. No device is accepted into production at DMSS until it has been tested and approved by our expert team. This policy protects both the client and DMSS.

DMSS Total Security Architecture Delivers a Complete Security Solution

The network and security architectures, hardware, and software tools implemented by DMSS are only effective if they are proactively monitored and managed by experienced personnel. DMSS Total Security Solution includes:

  • Highly qualified security experts and Internet engineers
  • Aggressive internal intrusion and threat detection
  • Aggressive internal vulnerability analysis in conjunction with third-party analysis for validation
  • Continuous 24x7x365 monitoring by experienced security personnel
  • Real-time usage and audit reports for investigation and forensic information
  • Continuous operating system hardening and tracking of vulnerabilities
  • Continuous application and database hardening and tracking of vulnerabilities
  • Maintenance and testing of software, hardware, and security patches in a mirrored test environment before release into productionenvironment
  • Use of proven, policy-based procedures along with the latest technologies to accurately track incidents, identify potential security breaches, and provide rapid, appropriate response
  • Separation of responsibilities to minimize potential breaches

DMSS’s comprehensive security expertise, architecture, and technology deliver the complete solution clients need to safely and reliable migrate their critical business applications to the web.

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