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Modern networks and server environments are very complex and require a significant investment of time and research to properly set up and secure. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you. We have the knowledge and experience to set up your network devices quickly and securely through thorough configuration. We understand the needs of the modern information system and how to avoid the mistakes that less experienced administrators make. We will also securely integrate new technologies into and existing infrastructure.

Network Device Configuration The foundation of a secure information infrastructure is in properly configured network devices. With years of experience with all major networking equipment vendors, such as Cisco, HP and Juniper, we have processes necessary to lock down your network backbone while allowing mission critical applications to run uninterrupted.

Server Setup Modern servers offer many services on a single machine. All these services have their own vulnerabilities and need to be configured properly to avoid exposing the entire system to external threats. We will go through your servers top to bottom closing unnecessary ports and services while implementing proper group policies and ACLs.

Service Integration Integrating a new service into and existing infrastructure requires planning to avoid compromising security. Not only is security a concern, but certain services have specific quality of service requirements that must be met for the service to operate optimally. We have extensive experience installing and configuring site to site, multi-site, and dial-in VPN systems. Services such as VoIP and video conferencing have security and QoS requirements that differ from standard traffic requirements.

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