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Security Training | Deedoc Consulting
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Security Training

Learn the Latest IS Security Concepts, Methods and Practices

The protection of information systems is becoming increasingly complex, and demand for new and improved services in both the public and private sectors is intense. As enterprises re-invent their infrastructure to meet the demand, cyber-security threats pose a real danger. DeeDoc’s security training programs help ICT professionals gain vital skills and expertise that can be used to immediately safeguard against security threats in their different environment.

Employee Security Training

Employee security training is vital to every company security enhancement.  You can have the best technology and the most prudent policies but with out proper employee training you may still be vulnerable. Studies show that the vast majority of data breaches originate with a human fault. Our training courses will educate your management as well as employees on information security theory and best practices. Our curriculum will educate guiding entities so that top level decisions are made with a strong understanding of information security theory and policy. We also offer training programs for end user employees that will help them better secure assets and knowledge they are responsible for:

Passwords and Authentication – This area is the single most vulnerable human asset in information security. We cover the many common pit falls we see as well as ways to build better and easier to remember passwords. We also cover supplementary authentication methods that drastically reduce unauthorized access.

Malware and Viruses – We define and discuss the many kinds of malware and viruses that a user is likely to encounter. Our courses cover what kinds of behavior leads to malware infection and how to recognize malware infections so that corrective actions may be followed.

Social Engineering – Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information, rather than by breaking in or using technical cracking techniques. Many techniqies such as pretexting, phising and baiting. We will tech you how to spot and avoid social engineering techniques as well as establish procedures to validate identities.

Information Management – These courses discuss how to determine, classify and secure sensitive information. We also discuss procedures and controls to limit information to only those employees that need access to perform their functions. Also included are emailing and telephone policies that will help to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information.

SANS Institute Partnership

SANS is by far the largest and most trusted source for information security training in the world. We partner with SANS to ensure the best ICT security Certification training is delivered to our clients. Training is offered through several delivery methods – live & virtual, classroom-style, online at your own pace or webcast with live instruction, guided study with a local mentor, or onsite at your workplace where even your most remote colleagues can join in via Simulcast. Our computer security courses are developed by industry leaders in numerous fields including network security, forensics, audit, security leadership, and application security. Courses are taught by real-world practitioners who are the best at ensuring you not only learn the material, but that you can apply it immediately when you return to the office. In addition to top-notch training, we offer certification via GIAC, an affiliate of the SANS Institute, a certification body featuring over 20 hands-on, technical certifications in information security, and optional Master’s Degree programs through SANS Technology Institute graduate school, as well as numerous free security resources including newsletters, whitepapers and webcasts.


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