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Audit & Policy Compliance

Part of securing a corporation’s data involves implementing standards and controls on how data flows from one entity to another. In most cases, information flows internally in an organization from one department to another department. In other cases, data flows outside the corporation to an authorized third-party and back. To ensure the integrity of data, a corporation must control this flow through proper procedures, planning, monitoring, and information handling.

If none of these controls exist, data can be lost in transition, thus costing labor to locate, retrieve, and set in order. The larger the organization, the less efficient this situation will be.

For most corporations, business processes evolve over years and yet are not engineered in advance.  This scenario may lead to inefficient operations with excessive labor costs.  In a majority of cases, operations cannot justify the cost of unifying departmental offices that are spread throughout a corporation into a single ERP solution due to the overwhelming workload it would take.

DeeDoc Consulting’s Administrative Audit is a comprehensive service that addresses the previous issues.  Our consultants will engage with each departments to document data flow and communication (i.e. internal, external).  The information collected will result in a presentation of a detailed “Discovery Report” that will include the following:

  • Documentation of information flow for the entire corporation
  • Identification of areas needing improvements or elimination
  • Establishment of a return on investment (ROI) for a unified system
  • Provision of a prototype demonstrated to show how each recommendations will improve overall data flow and efficiency

DeeDoc probes and audits:

  • Existing operational procedures and responsibilities
  • Third-party service delivery
  • Media handling
  • Information exchange
  • Monitoring


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