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Intrusion Detection & Prevention

DeeDoc Consulting’s Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) solutions incorporate the world’s leading network security technology from various DeeDoc partners such as Cisco, Fortinet, and McAfee.  Our solution is vendor-neutral, which means that our clients receive the solution that fits IT environment and is scalable.  We also support open source solutions, thus making us a diverse company in regards to experience and efficiency.

An intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) is a critical part of an effective network security deployment, which monitors and logs network traffic for malicious activity. While monitoring and logging network traffic, an IDPS attempts to stop the malicious activity and reports it. Our intrusion detection and prevention solutions provides the full spectrum of what an IDPS should be doing. Our solutions do not just monitor and report, but stop malicious activity based on up-to-date signature and pattern definitions.

DeeDoc’s comprehensive Intrusion and Prevention solutions have several deployment methods including:

  • As part of a stand-alone security appliance
  • As hardware modules for switches, routers, and firewalls
  • As software enhancements for integrated services routers

We at DeeDoc ensure that our technical consultants, engineers, and staff will provide any organization with and IDP solution that is most suited to the particular need and that we will carry out a smooth project implementation of IDP.

Here are some advantages of choosing DeeDoc’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions:

  • Prevention of malicious outbreaks at the network level
  • Safeguard of end-user workstations and servers
  • Seamless collaboration with other network devices/component, thus providing end-to-end intrusion prevention
  • Support for a wide array of deployment options
  • Decrease in legal liability due to data breaches
  • Protection of brand reputation
  • Safeguard of intellectual property (IP)
  • Loss prevention
  • Best-in-class intrusion detection and prevention technology
  • Simplified intrusion management for small and large enterprise deployment
  • Increased regulatory capabilities to foster organizational compliance




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