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Risk Management and Compliance

Risk management is defined as the identification, prioritization, and assessment of risks that are followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and impact of undesired events. In the information security domain, where the confidentiality, the integrity, and availability of data is crucial for businesses of all types, there are processes to identify risks. Certain risks, or probability, that a company’s server may crash and data be lost, or that a hacker group could invade a company’s internal network system to steal customer data cannot be be totally reduced. Yet, those risks can be minimized to the lowest possible values in order to minimize the high cost of enduring data loss and breach, whether monetary, or in public relations. Managing risks not only protects a company from preventable expenses, litigation, and humiliation, but it allows a company to maintain the continuity of its day-to-day operations even during times of security breaches and compromises. DeeDoc Consulting’s IT Risk Management service provides an all-inclusive solution to identify, minimize, and mitigate risks plaguing your company’s IT assets. The DeeDoc Managed Security Services (DMSS) division of DeeDoc Consulting will guide your company in achieving real risk management by defining risks and creating actionable plans for improvements.


The DeeDoc comprehensive approach includes the following:

  • Defining the technical, physical, and administrative IT risks
  • Measuring and documenting risks
  • Monitoring risks of IT assets using real-time visibility
  • Creating reports and analysis of risks found
  • Reviewing the company policies against risk and control framework
  • If no policies are in place, then we draft a policy that includes risk management standards
  • Training employees for risk management compliance

The DeeDoc Consulting Risk Management Assessment creates unique plans for every type and size of business. It does not matter whether your company operates in te financial, petroleum, non-profit, or private industries, the information (data) your network and IT infrastructure hosts is crucially important. DeeDoc Consulting produces results that lower risk to its minimum at reasonably minimal cost.

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Benefits of DeeDoc Risk Management Assessment

Who does DeeDoc Risk Management benefit?

DeeDoc Risk Management 4-step process

With DeeDoc Risk Management, companies will be able to conduct risk governance and risk response/mitigation.


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